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Role played by the immigration attorney

Seeking the help of an immigration lawyer will depend on your reasons for entering the country. The role of immigration lawyers is different compared to other lawyers given that they dedicate most of their time handling cases of people who are having difficulty with their immigration requirements. They also act as counselor or advisor to immigrants and foreign citizens, and they provide guidance and advice on matters to with deportation, naturalization, and citizenship. The Solicitors Leicester are one of the best when it comes to immigration law. Their roles are diverse, but there are cases where they will come in handy;

When applicants are convicted of a crime


Most of the immigration forms signed by immigrants will ask whether the applicant has ever been convicted of a crime. It’s important for the applicants to come clean on any criminal record and this includes charges that were expunged or dropped. Whatever you are clean or convicted before immigration attorneys play a huge role in ensuring you get all the help you need. Additionally, you would not have to seek the help of a criminal lawyer since the attorneys know how criminal and immigration law work.

The denial of previous application

Immigration lawyers are in a position to determine the reasons for your request denial. Also, they will walk you through the details and give you insights on what you could have done in your previous application. What’s more, they can determine whether you are in a position to appeal or re-appeal your case in future.

Incomplete applications

Sometimes immigrants might fill out an application but have no clue on what to do next. Additionally, there might be cases where a country or state requires such immigrants to have additional paperwork in support of their application which they might not have. However, working with an immigration lawyer at the beginning of the process will help in preventing delays and make the process faster.

The complexities in the immigration procedure

Sometimes the immigration matters can be strenuous and complicated for most individuals to comprehend. The application can take months or years to complete, and if you are faced with such issues, then immigration attorneys can come in handy. The lawyers can help you navigate through the complexities, and this gives you a piece of mind. Additionally, they will be present during your hearing to ensure that all your interests are taken care of.

Adjusting the residential status


There are times when applicants want to change their permanent residence especially when it comes to persons that were recently divorced and later married to a different citizen. The role of attorneys in such a case is to determine whether the marriage is legitimate.…